Ditch The One Size Fits All: Personalizing Hybrid Work

Published May 15, 2023 Molly Chandran

As businesses around the world adopt hybrid work models, Laurence McLean Associate Director of Operations, Employsure New Zealand warns that a one size fits all approach is not the way to go about it.

[1]According to a recent survey of New Zealand workers, many are struggling with the transition to hybrid work, with some finding it difficult to stay connected to their colleagues and maintain a work-life balance.

“Hybrid work can be a great way to give employees more flexibility and autonomy, but it’s important to recognize that not everyone works best in the same way,” said Laurence.

Laurence recommends that businesses take a customized approach to hybrid work, where they consider the unique needs and preferences of each employee. For example, some employees may prefer to work from home most of the time, while others may prefer to be in the office.

“Employers need to have open and honest conversations with their employees about their preferences and needs,” said Laurence. “This will help ensure that everyone is able to work in a way that is comfortable and productive for them.”

Another key factor in successful hybrid work is communication, Employers need to ensure that remote workers feel connected to the team, and that they have the tools and resources they need to do their jobs effectively.

“Regular check-ins, virtual team building activities, and providing remote workers with the same level of access to resources as office-based workers can go a long way towards making hybrid work a success,” said Laurence.

“While hybrid work has the potential to be a positive change for many businesses and employees, a one size fits all approach is not recommended. Employers should take a customized approach that considers the unique needs and preferences of each employee and ensure that effective communication and collaboration strategies are in place to support hybrid work.”

[1] ‘An employee drive’: People still keen on working from home, survey finds | RNZ News

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