Resilience Fatigue- The Silent Epidemic

Published March 01, 2023 Molly Chandran

Resilience fatigue is the silent epidemic facing employers across the country. Having just recovered from the pandemic, and slowly getting back on their feet; small business owners are finding themselves battling on all fronts. The emotional distress of the past, coupled with the rising uncertainty of the future and [1]chronic labour shortages, a [2]recession that will last a year and the recent [3]minimum wage hike the mindset to soldier on is fast draining business owners mentally.

Stress can seem like an inevitable consequence of being a business owner however, when it reaches chronic levels, it can result in burnout and fatigue. Financial pressures, trouble attracting and retaining talent and being responsible for the livelihood of staff are just some of the common stressors business owners face.

Associate Director of Operations, Employsure New Zealand, Laurence McLean commented, “At Employsure, we are aware that a lot of business owners are struggling with resilience fatigue in a post pandemic world. Business owners are left dealing with the repercussions of a rare global event that affected every industry.”

Laurence further commented, “Being a business owner in today’s socioeconomic climate is a feat. The pressures on employers to keep their businesses afloat, ensuring they continue to comply with their obligations, all while maintaining staff numbers, has taken a toll on employers.”

Employsure exists to help build better businesses and to support our clients so that they don’t have to shoulder the burden alone. We help take the stress out of navigating tricky workplace and employment relations issues and support our clients with trustworthy information and solutions to workplace challenges,” concluded Laurence.

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