Chuffed Coffee.

Published October 26, 2017 Views: 964

Employsure’s video series Small Business State of Mind takes a peek at New Zealand small businesses to understand the challenges, achievements and motivation behind the nation’s small businesses. In this episode, Scott of Chuffed Coffee shares his experience running a business and tips for others.



  • Chuffed Coffee.

    So I’ve been in the industry for ten years now. I had a cafe in Australia, in Darlinghurst, for five years and moved over five years ago to start Chuffed. I always intended, you know, when you go into business to be as busy as possible and we’ve sort of become busy. Now one of the big challenges for us is to how to actually turn that busyness into profit. When I opened Chuffed, as we are sort set back off the street and we are a little bit hidden, a lot of people didn’t know that we were here. So it was a matter of getting people in the door to start off with. To do that I was literally on the street bringing people in, offering them free coffees and really just trying to build that client base in that way. After they sort of saw what we were doing and the word of mouth spread, and we’re happy now we could get busy in that manner, but that was one of the big reasons why we started to get busy in the first place. There was one particular issue I had with a staff member once and it was nice knowing that I had Employsure there to back me up. I was able to go to them and make phone calls and emails and go through them, making sure I was correct in the right process. It was really nice. Coffee is my passion, that’s where I’d like to be but unfortunately you’ve got to do that back house paperwork etc. as well. My advice would be – do something that you love, you’ve need to have passion for what you are doing and always striving to be the best that you can be.

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