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Published November 13, 2018 Views: 759

A Rebellious Spirit

From a spare bedroom to a thriving agency, Geyser Creative share their journey as passionate creatives to small business owners.


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    When we first started our business, we were just in a bedroom of our lounge. I think we’re being rebellious in that we didn’t really think of ourselves as starting a business. We were just following our passions and we just wanted to create great creative work. We thought of ourselves as creators, first and foremost, before business owners. Close to two years ago, Charles my business partner and husband died suddenly from cancer – 20 days after diagnosis. We were always a partnership which I think in a small business it’s so important. One of the big learnings for myself as being the sole business owner, is learning to get the right people around you to support you that you have huge trust in because you can’t just back yourself alone. For people that are starting a business, or you’re thinking about starting a business, the biggest thing that I think you can learn is resilience. You’ll find yourself face down in the arena and unsure if you can get back up again to fight that next challenge. I think about at least I’m in the arena doing it.

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